Minimalist Holiday Decor

I love subtle holiday decor, I’ve never been a fan of the huge extravagant Christmas displays in the front yard, complete with 12 reindeer, a sleigh, and an inflatable snowman. However if that is your cup of tea, go for it, it’s Christmas and it only comes once a year! I do live in a 700 sq. ft. apartment which makes decorating a bit more difficult, we don’t have a ton of extra room and we don’t have a yard for decorations either.


Here’s my plan for decorating my home minimally this year, to save money and space, and still get into the holiday spirit!


  • I’m planning to carve a pumpkin with my husband. Put a tealight candle inside it, and stick it outside my door so trick-or-treaters know they are welcome!
  • A fall wreath for the door.
  • Babyboos (you know those cute little tiny pumpkins, that’s what they’re called) on the windowsills.
  • If we aren’t too exhausted after carving the first one, maybe a second jack-o-lantern for our balcony.


  • A small artificial tree.
  • Tree skirt (or perhaps a cozy blanket that we already have).
  • Matching set of ornaments.
  • White lights.
  • Fresh pine wreath for our door.
  • White lights wrapped around the rails of our balcony.

Oh and of course, CANDLES! The perfect fall/winter decor that’s small and functional.

Fellow minimalists, how are you planning to decorate your home this holiday season? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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