My Master List of Recipes!

So recently in one of the Facebook groups I’m pretty active in, the topic of budgeting and meal planning came up. I always love my sharing ideas and learning new ones related to this topic because it’s so important for me and my family!

In my comment I mentioned that I have a long list of recipes to make meal planning less time consuming. Quite a few people were interested in hearing what these recipes were.

Since I had so many people ask I figured it might be helpful to share these recipes with all of you! Most of these are very inexpensive recipes and they’re easy to make.



Having this list has made meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze for me. I just pick seven of these meals and shop for them. I try to group together similar ingredients. For example if I have beef stroganoff one night I may have beef tacos that week as well, so I can use the same beef and only go shopping once.

I hope this helps some of you who are looking to try new recipes!

xo- Kyler


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