Silky Mom Shame

When you have a kid in 2017 it’s nearly impossible not to endure some sort of judgment from other moms. I never had any clue before I got pregnant how cruel women really are to each other, especially in private Facebook groups. Thanks, Zuckerburg.

Most of the mom judgment I’ve received is a result of my non-crunchiness. If you aren’t familiar with this term it’s basically referring to the all-natural/organic/hippie attachment-parenting fad. Now I’m not saying I’m against this crunchy-mom movement at all, if this is what makes you happy and it fits into your lifestyle then by all means go for it!

It's Not to be a -crunchy mom-

I personally was not interested in it at all from day one. Natural birth? No thanks, cut me open, get him outta there and give me some Percocets. Breastfeeding? Tried it, wasn’t for me, quit at three months and haven’t looked back since. Babywearing? I mean if I could afford a $300 carrier that didn’t throw my back out, sure.

On behalf of “silky moms” everywhere, let me say this:

  • My child is not any less intelligent than one who breastfeeds. Period.
  • My son and I have bonded just fine without breastfeeding. I’m his mother, there is hardly any closer relationship than one between a child and their mother, breasts have nothing to do with that fact.
  • I had a c-section, my son and I are both perfectly healthy.
  • Babywearing is a great convenience for many moms, however it’s not at all necessary for bonding.
  • Crib training is not abusive.
  • Neither is spanking.
  • Stop shaming us.
  • Focus on your own child.
  • Chill out. Hippies are supposed to be peaceful, no?





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