Decluttering Kid’s Clothes

Letting Go of Unhealthy Friendships (1)


Ah, kid’s clothes…why does it seem like there’s always an over abundance? I swear between the gifts we received at the shower and all the cute “must-haves” I’ve picked up at target, there were at least 200 pieces of clothing in my son’s wardrobe.
Babies grow very quickly which is how I justified having so many baby clothes in my home. But for a while I kept letting them accumulate instead of getting rid of everything he’s grown out of. His drawers were overflowing.
Here’s the before and after photos of his changing table drawer:

I got rid of anything that didn’t fit him, or anything that was out of season and probably won’t fit him in four months. I’m left with two footsies, eight onesies, two t-shirts and four pairs of pants.
Honestly this is still more than enough for him.
I gave away everything in the changing table that was no longer usable or I knew I wouldn’t use.

Breast pads, lanolin, outgrown clothes and diapers, and a few bottles of lotion (not sure why we were given so many) were given to Goodwill.
I’m so relieved that his dresser is more organized and decluttered now. Looking through a pile of clothes that didn’t fit him was getting exhausting.
I plan to do this every two months or so from now on, so that his outgrown clothes won’t pile up so much.


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