Groceries to Buy When You’re Broke

We’ve had a couple of weeks (this is one of them), where our grocery budget is literally 15 dollars. Yes, 15.

Unfortunately many of us make too much to qualify for EBT but still have weeks where we are in between paychecks and have to make due. Luckily my husband and I are the only ones who consume groceries at this point, Lincoln gets his formula and food through WIC.


This is the best way I’ve found to stretch 15 bucks on food for a whole week.

Buy rice, beans, pasta, tomato sauce, lentils, some veggies and eggs. This costed us about $15 and some change.

Grocery prices may be different in your area but this is what our receipt looked like:

One pound of white rice: $3.35

One pound of black beans: $2.07

Box of spaghetti: $1.07

Ragu: $2.78

Progresso lentil soup: $2.17

One head of broccoli: $.72

Bag of baby carrots: $2.13

Dozen eggs: $.98

Our total was $15.88

We are mainly a plant based family anyway, so this wasn’t a terrible sacrifice for us however it was still scarce.

If you’re ever going through a situation like this I highly recommend stocking up on beans, they’re very cheap and high in protein. Pasta and rice are also very filling and inexpensive.

Furthermore, I suggest checking online to find local food banks in your area.









3 thoughts on “Groceries to Buy When You’re Broke

  1. Hi, I certainly applaud your efforts as well as your choices for a get us through grocery list. I suggest, however, that you shop alternative stores. One pound of white rice: $3.35

    One pound of black beans: $2.07 (one lb Iberia brand black beans $1 @ Dollar Tree)

    Box of spaghetti: $1.07 (16-24 oz boxes of Columbia brand spaghetti, ziti etc also at DT $1)

    Ragu: $2.78 (grab a 29 oz can of plain tomato sauce for $1 and often much less this time of year. Add some dried Italian herbs, some dried minced onion=quick marainara for $1 or less)

    Progresso lentil soup: $2.17(I have also seen this at DT. Do you buy this as the lentils are precooked? Lentils cook within 20 minutes. With the savings from above, buy a lb bag of lentils for $1)

    One head of broccoli: $.72

    Bag of baby carrots: $2.13 (there really is no such thing as baby carrots. Google it. Unless you know a farm/gardener who sells carrot thinnings. Instead factories cut and polish large carrots and charge 3 times what a lb of fresh carrots would cost. 1 lb carrots sell for $1 if not less)

    Dozen eggs: $.98



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