Keeping Your Diaper Bag Organized and Minimal

I cannot stand when the stuff I need most in my purse sinks to the bottom. This is especially true about my diaper bag, when I need a burp cloth or a pacifier I need it immediately.

This is how I keep my diaper bag as organized as possible. I not like to carry things that I will definitely need, and not let it get cluttered with extra toys and stuff.

This is what I keep in my diaper bag:

  • At least 5 diapers always 
  • Desitin
  • Wipes
  • An extra outfit
  • A burp cloth
  • Socks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A bottle
  • Formula
  • Water

I keep my formula in an empty food jar, so I don't have to bring the whole can which takes up too much space. I also bring one or two small bottles of baby water and put them in the side pockets of my bag.

I put my diapers, wipes and desitin in a plastic bag so that it's all together. I know I'll probably need o use all of these things at once and this way they're more organized.

I bring an extra onesie and a burp cloth in case of spit up or blowouts.

I always utilize the pockets inside the bag! Most diaper bags have different compartments for bottles, a cell phone, etc. definitely make sure to use these, it'll keep your most important objects in easy sight.

Try not to put too many extras in the bag. I try to avoid putting lots of toys in the bag, Link has one favorite teething toy that he loves, so I clip it to the side of the bag.

Keep mommy items together! I keep all of my stuff in a separate plastic bag too. My sunglasses, wallet, hand sanitizer and keys all stay in one ziploc so it's not all floating around at the bottom.


5 thoughts on “Keeping Your Diaper Bag Organized and Minimal

    1. Yeah it’s always a bit of a hassle for us too, it usually spills a little. I’m yet to find a better way to store it. 😦


  1. I love this post! I used to organize my twins diaper bag by keeping like items in separate zip lock bags. It made it easier to grab what I needed when I needed it.


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