DIY Baby Bottle Holder

DIY Baby Bottle Holder

Fellow bottle feeding mamas, you and I both know how much space bottles, formula and other related supplies take up. In my kitchen we have very limited counter space, we have a small kitchen and sometimes it's hard finding a place to put everything without taking up room we need for cooking.

For months this stuff has been sitting on our kitchen counter, which I didn't like for two reasons.

1.) it was space I wanted to use for cooking,

2.) when I needed to clean the counter (with harsh chemicals occasionally) I had to move it all out of the way.

I was at Big Lots today and they were having a 20% off sale, so I decided to pick up a few different things. I found a shower caddy for $8, at first I was going to use it for the obvious reason (in my bathtub). But then our bottles were in more urgent need for organzation.

It worked perfectly! If you have a lot of bottles I'd recommend getting a bigger one, we only have two bottles that we switch out.

I used a Command hook and stuck it to the side of our refrigerator. Voila!



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